Business Structure

Divisions operation of the company policy

The Company

Acting in the business of producing and selling underwear for subsidiaries and customers who are foreign lingerie suppliers (OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer) Originally, the business of manufacturing and selling OEM products of the company is the production and distribution for subsidiaries which received production orders from another customer because the subsidiary has been operating for a long time and more well known to customer abroad. When the company started to get some recognition in the group of customers abroad then started selling more OEM products directly to customers without passing through subsidiaries.

The Subsidiary

Acting in the design, manufacture and distribution of women underwear under the brand "Sabina" Including produce by the order from customer who is using their own brand or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and act as company distribute women underwear under the brand "Sabina" to department store, shopping centers and modern trades fair both domestic and international. Including sales through new distribution channels such as TV Shopping, Website and Company's Application and other Websites.