Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors realizes the importance of good corporate governance, which is announced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), in order to gain progress and the stability of the Company, and to increase confidence for shareholders, investors and all stakeholders as well as creating long-term value for the Company. The Board of Directors, therefore, has established a policy on corporate governance to be a guideline for the directors, which should be used in corporate governance of the Company as follows

  1. To clearly define the scope of authority, duties and responsibilities of each committee and management according to the management structure of the Company
  2. To conduct business by disclosing accurate, transparent, complete information and reflecting the actual results of operations. There is an assessment and protection standard, and manage risks at the appropriate level.
  3. To determine the balance of power in the operation process for transparency and examination.
  4. To produce products with the best quality and to meet the needs and customer satisfaction as well as listening to comments and customer complaints to bring the best product development for customers.
  5. To believe in the value of employees by training and development and to cultivate morality in creating a good consciousness, and to allow employees to progress with the Company.
  6. To recognize and respect the rights of ownership of all shareholders with equality.
  7. To act by taking responsibility towards shareholders, stakeholders and society and the environment.
  8. To be anti-corruption and to prohibit bribery for the business interests of the Company, and do not violate intellectual property and respect for laws and human rights.