Vision & Mission

"Create Value with Innovation"


The company operates under the concept of “Create Value with Innovation” aim to build Sabina lingerie brand integrity with new innovations as well as modern fashion, accepted quality, consist and fits with the needs of all women in all countries and along with social responsibility.


The company has a mission to operate in accordance with the vision structured under the concept of operations which are separated into various parts as follows.


Trust and Worthiness in human as precious resorces

People: The company believes that employees are valuable human resources because they are an important factor enables the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Therefore, giving importance to taking care of all employees, every position is like a valuable resource of the company.


Delivered products beyond expectation

Product: The company will produce product’s quality to meet with expectations of customers. By using research, develop new innovations for products that will meet the needs of women of all ages.


Trust and Reliable Enterprise

Partners: The company will manage and operate in order to gain trust and confidence from partners or those related to the company in every aspect such as shareholders, employees, customers, creditors, and competitors.


Innovation through productivity by advance mechanism

Productivity: The company will manage production by using production management methods, production technology, production innovation Including modern machinery used in production. In order to get standardize quality products and approve by every customer in every country.


Return Benefit to Society and Environment

Planet: The company is still committed to business conducting by returning profits to society and the environment.