Nature of Business

Sabina Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and a distributor of bras for women of all ages with different price range.
The products of the company include brands for children, teenagers, adult, and functional bras, Shape Wear, and swimsuits.

The products vary in prices to fit with different target groups. The lowest price products are distributed through modern trade, such as BigC and Tesco Lotus. The middle price products, which cost about 700-800 Baht, are distributed throughout the country, including Doomm Series, Wireless bras, and Modern V. For the top price products under the brand Madmoiselle, Maggiemae and Cris’s Collection, which cost over 1,000 Baht, are only distributed in big cities and in Bangkok area only.

SABINA's characteristic

SABINA's characteristic is not only fashionable but also functional. The outside of the product is well-designed with lace and beautiful stuff, while the inside is well-tailored with good pattern to be able to fit with different body type of women.
For example, DoommDoomm series are made with different support sponges that are placed in certain places to get the desired shape for women. The company emphasizes on the importance of the patterns on each collection to suit with various body type, to create the best desired shape for customers, from small sizes to large sizes, with the selected fabric and pattern to support different shape of chests.

Company's Brand