Right of Shareholder

The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of respecting the rights of ownership of all shareholders by treating all shareholders equally.

Every shareholder has the rights and equality as follows.

  1. The right to receive information, performance and the Company's management policy quickly and in time through the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company's website at www.sabina.co.th.
  2. The right to buy and transfer shares, and to obtain a share from the Company's profits.
  3. The right to propose matters to be included in the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders and to nominate persons to be considered as directors, which the Company has made the criteria for proposing such matters to be published on the website of the Company at www.sabina.co.th  and notified via the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).
  4. The right to send questions to inquire about various issues of the agenda presented at the general meeting of shareholders in advance by sending questions to the Company secretary by email: vaja@sabina.co.th Fax: 02-4345911and published such rights on the Company's website at www.sabina.co.th.
  5. The right to attend the shareholders' meeting. The Company will hold a shareholder meeting once a year by sending a notice of the meeting together with related documents for the meeting with sufficient details for the shareholders in advance to allow the shareholders to consider in advance before attending the meeting. 
  6. The Company has a policy to promote and facilitate shareholders to allow shareholders and institutional investors to attend the meeting by arranging a meeting location, which is easy and convenient for the shareholders to travel and has public transportation systems that are accessible and sufficient.
  7. The Company discloses the shareholding structure in the Company and subsidiaries clearly and transparently, and can be examined. There is no cross shareholding in the Company group.
  8. The Company has more than 40% of the minority shareholders (Free Float).
  9. The Company holds more than 5% of the total shares of institutional investors.
  10. The Company does not have a shareholder’s agreement that has a significant impact on the Company or other shareholders.
  11. The Company has also added a channel to publicize the invitation to the shareholders' meeting, supporting documents for the meeting agenda including the proxy form and other information necessary in both Thai and English in advance on the Company's website www.sabina.co.th before submitting the documents to shareholders as to acknowledge and to support decision making in voting. The minutes of the shareholders' meeting are published via the Company's website.
  12. To represent their rights, shareholders can appoint proxies to other persons or independent directors of the Company to vote in the event that the shareholders are unable to attend the meeting by themselves.
  13. The Company has facilitated all shareholders equally by explaining the details of the meeting including how to count the votes of shareholders who have to vote in each agenda according to the Company's regulations, and allow all attendees to inquire comments and suggestions for each agenda, and summarize the results of the votes from every vote count.
  14. The Company arranges for the broadcasting of the minutes of the meeting via the Company's website, so that shareholders can check without waiting for the next meeting.
  15. The right to be treated equally in the repurchase of shares, and allow shareholders to be able to communicate with each other.

Shareholder meeting

The Board of Directors gives importance to shareholders' meetings by holding the annual general meeting of shareholders once a year within 4 months from the end of the accounting period of the Company. It is considered as a duty of the Board of Directors that must attend every meeting if not attached to important missions. By organizing the meeting, the Company will send the meeting invitation letter, proxy form, along with information for meeting based on various agendas. Shareholders should receive complete notice at least 14 days before the meeting date for shareholders to make decisions on voting in various agendas. In case, the shareholder wishes to appoint another person to attend the meeting, he/she can choose to appoint a person, or independent directors of the Company can attend the meeting instead.

  1. The Company has a policy to support or promote every group of shareholders including institutional shareholders to attend the shareholders' meeting.
  2. The Company provides a website to present important information and news, such as annual and quarter financial statements report, annual information form (Form 56-1), annual report (Form 56-2), including invitation letter for the shareholders' meeting which contains information, date, time, venue, agenda of the meeting, information for each agenda decision, rules that are used in the meeting, and voting procedures which is the same information that is delivered to shareholders in the form of documents by disseminating information via the Company's website at least 30 days before the meeting as to allow shareholders to have sufficient time to study the information.
  3. The Company arranges for the shareholders' meeting by facilitating the meeting location to be in the heart of the city for convenient travel and sufficient time to conduct the meeting.
  4. The Company has given the opportunity and offered the rights to the shareholders to propose the agenda of the shareholders' meeting on matters that are considered important, and to propose a list of qualified candidates to be appointed as new directors in advance with clearly defined procedures via the Company's website.
  5. The Company gives the right to shareholders to submit questions about the meeting agenda at least 1 month before the meeting date through the Company website.
  6. The Company has encouraged shareholders to use proxy forms that shareholders can determine the voting direction, and the nomination of at least 1 independent director as an alternative to the proxy of the shareholders.
  7. The Company gives rights to the shareholders, who attended the meeting after the meeting started to have the right to vote on the agenda being considered and have not yet voted.
  8. The Company has appointed representatives from the audit office to inspect the counting of votes in the shareholders' meeting, and disclosed in the meeting minutes of the shareholders.