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The Board of Directors understands their roles, duties and responsibilities to the Company and shareholders. They have adopted a Code of Best Practices for the Directors of registered companies according to the guidelines as set forth by the Securities Exchange of Thailand. This is to ensure effective management and accurate performance assessment, which will promote growth through the following corporate governance:

The Board of Directors realize the importance of good corporate governance as set forth in the notifications of the Securities Exchange of Thailand. To ensure the Company stability and continuous growth, increase the confidence of shareholders and all interested parties and create additional value to the business in the long run, the Board of Directors have set forth the corporate governance as follows:

  1. The scope of powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Executives is clearly defined according to the Company management structure.
  2. The business shall be operated with all the information correctly and transparently disclosed to reflect the true and fair view of the Company’s performance and financial status. There shall be proper assessment and measures against risks.
  3. There shall be checks and balances among all departments and sections to allow audit and ensure transparency.
  4. Excellent quality products shall be turned out to meet the demand in the markets and for the satisfaction of customers. Customers’ views or complaints are welcome for product development and improvement.
  5. Through training, the Company install moral virtue in employees that they will grow with the Company.
  6. The ownership rights of each and every shareholder are equally well aware of and respected.
  7. In the operation of our business, the Company bears in mind our responsibility to shareholders, interested parties, the society and the environment.
  8. Anti-corruption and never pays a bribe for the business benefits. No violation of intellectual property rights. Respect for the law and human rights.

The shareholding structure shall be clear and fair. The board of directors, executives and major shareholders shall not have conflicts of interest. The management shall protect investors’ rights and treat shareholders equally.

Every shareholders have rights and equity as follows.

  1. The right to receive information, performance and the Company's management policy quickly and in time through the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company's website at
  2. The right to buy and transfer shares, and to obtain a share from the Company's profits.
  3. The right to propose matters to be included in the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders and to nominate persons to be considered as directors, which the Company has made the criteria for proposing such matters to be published on the website of the Company at and notified via the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).
  4. The right to send questions to inquire about various issues of the agenda presented at the general meeting of shareholders in advance by sending questions to the Company secretary by email: Fax: 02-4345911 published such rights on the Company's website at
  5. The right to attend the shareholders' meeting. The Company will hold a shareholder meeting once a year by sending a notice of the meeting together with related documents for the meeting with sufficient details for the shareholders in advance to allow the shareholders to consider in advance before attending the meeting.
  6. The Company has a policy to promote and facilitate shareholders to allow shareholders and institutional investors to attend the meeting by arranging a meeting location, which is easy and convenient for the shareholders to travel and has public transportation systems that are accessible and sufficient.
  7. The Company discloses the shareholding structure in the Company and subsidiaries clearly and transparently, and can be examined. There is no cross shareholding in the Company group.
  8. The Company has more than 40% of the minority shareholders (Free Float).
  9. The Company holds more than 5% of the total shares of institutional investors.
  10. The Company does not have a shareholder’s agreement that has a significant impact on the Company or other shareholders.
  11. The Company has also added a channel to publicize the invitation to the shareholders' meeting, supporting documents for the meeting agenda including the proxy form and other information necessary in both Thai and English in advance on the Company's website before submitting the documents to shareholders as to acknowledge and to support decision making in voting. The minutes of the shareholders' meeting are published via the Company's website.
  12. To represent their rights, shareholders can appoint proxies to other persons or independent directors of the Company to vote in the event that the shareholders are unable to attend the meeting by themselves.
  13. The Company has facilitated all shareholders equally this includes institutional investors to attend the shareholders' meeting by explaining the details of the meeting including how to count the votes of shareholders who have to vote in each agenda according to the Company's regulations, and allow all attendees to inquire comments and suggestions for each agenda, and summarize the results of the votes from every vote count.
  14. The Company arranges for the broadcasting of the minutes of the meeting via the Company's website, so that shareholders can check without waiting for the next meeting.
  15. The right to be treated equally in the repurchase of shares, and allow shareholders to be able to communicate with each other.

Meeting of shareholders

The Board of Directors gives importance to shareholders' meetings by holding the annual general meeting of shareholders once a year within 4 months from the end of the accounting period of the Company. It is considered as a duty of the Board of Directors that must attend every meeting if not attached to important missions. By organizing the meeting, the Company will send the meeting invitation letter, proxy form, along with information for meeting based on various agendas. Shareholders should receive complete notice at least 14 days before the meeting date for shareholders to make decisions on voting in various agendas. In case, the shareholder wishes to appoint another person to attend the meeting, he/she can choose to appoint a person, or independent directors of the Company can attend the meeting instead.

  1. The company has the policy to support or promote any particular shareholders, including institutional shareholders to participate in general meeting of shareholders.
  2. The company provided the website to offer news and information such as quarterly financial report for the year, the Annual Registration Statement (Form 56-1) and the Annual Report (Form 56-2.). As well as the invitation to the general meeting of shareholders, which contains the date and time that the agenda. Supporting the decision for each agenda item The rules that are used in meetings and procedure pronunciation completely, which is the same data that is delivered to shareholders in paper format by publishing information via the company's Web site at least 30 days before the meeting to allow shareholders to have sufficient time to study the information.
  3. The company held a shareholders' meeting by facilitating a meeting place in terms of located in the city center, easy access and provide sufficient time to conduct the meeting.
  4. The company open up opportunities and grant shareholders to propose the agenda of the shareholder’s meeting on matters that are important and believe that the proposed list of candidates qualified for appointment as the new Director of advance. By clearly defined operating through the company's website.
  5. The company gives the rights of shareholders to submit questions on the agenda at least 1 month before the meeting via the Company's website.
  6. The company encourages shareholders to use the proxy form format that shareholders can assign directions to vote and nominate independent directors at least 1 person as an alternative to shareholder's proxy.
  7. The company is entitled to shareholders who join after the meeting began to have the right to vote in the agenda of pending and has not voted.
  8. The company provides a representative from audit firm to count of the votes in those meetings and disclosed in the minutes of the meeting and shareholders.

In recent years, the Company did not have the stock repurchase and no agreement between shareholders that have implicitly impact the Company or other shareholders and did not discourage or created obstacles into the communication between shareholders.

The Company recognizes the importance of shareholders and supervises the execution of all shareholders equally and fairly as follows.

  1. The proposed agenda and nominate persons to be appointed as directors

    The company gives opportunity for the shareholders to propose additional agenda ahead and nominate a person to be considered as an advance on the basis of to the criteria the company in annual general meeting 2022 Both would be published through the Stock Exchange and the company website prior to the shareholders ' meeting on October 28, 2021 to December 31, 2021

  2. Proxy to attend shareholders' meetings

    In the case of shareholders are not able to attend self. The company allows shareholders may appoint any other person Independent director of the company or to attend the meeting instead. In order to maintain their rights and introduce the methods and steps in the proxy clearly as the company delivered with the proxy pattern B. which shareholder can determine the direction the vote. In case of foreign shareholders, the company has sent invitation letter, English version and proxy pattern C to facilitate foreign shareholders, and can be seen from the company's website.

  3. Determining the right to vote at the AGM, the company has granted to the shareholders to vote according to the number of shares held by each share is entitled to one vote. And do not share any privileged to limit the rights of other shareholders.
  4. Each agenda voting done openly and every agendas used of a ballot and collected the ballot only if the shareholders do not agree or no vote except the election of directors. Every agenda would collect the ballots of all shareholders attending the meeting by using a barcode in the vote on each agenda.
  5. Policies and Methods of Use of Internal Information

    It is our policy to prevent our Directors and Executives from using information on securities trading and other confidential information for their personal gains, the details of which are as follows:

    1.) Firewall and antivirus program are used to prevent unauthorized access to our information and to protect our data.

    2.) For security reason, access levels are set in each computer program for different employees.

    3.) A clause concerning storage of internal data and prevention of access thereto is included in the contract of employment, work regulations, management policy, work procedures, stating that the Company’s undisclosed confidential information may not be used for personal gains or for the benefit of outsiders.

    4.) We shall notify our Directors and Executives of the confidential information and order them not to trade any company’s securities during the period of 7 days before disclosure of our financial statement to the public. Making any transaction during that period constitutes a breach of discipline. The penalties vary from verbal warning, written warning, and suspension from work or dismissal. The offender will be required to reverse the transactions and donate the profit to charitable organizations.

    5.) The persons from outside, who take part in the audit or make transactions that may affect the price of the Company’s securities, must make a non-disclosure agreement with us, which will be in force until we disclose such confidential information to the Securities Exchange of Thailand and Securities and Exchange Commission.

    6.) The Company's shareholding structure is not complicated. Almost of all transactions occurred a normal business transaction

    7.) The company operates in accordance with the law, requirements of the Exchange Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission, rules and procedures of transactions, and rules for the acquisition and disposition of assets.

The Company is aware of the rights of stakeholders and has a policy to ensure the importance of those rights by the appropriate prioritization of all stakeholders, which are shareholders, employees, executives, customers, partners, creditors, society and the general public. Cooperation between stakeholders shall be made according to their roles and responsibilities so that the Company can run smoothly and strongly in order to fairly benefit all groups of stakeholders. The company also made commitment to social and environmental sustainability, anti-corruption, do not infringement of intellectual property and copyright, and respect for human rights.


Through our knowledge, ability and integrity, we intend to make our business grow steadily for the long-term benefit of shareholders and the protection of our properties and interests. We regularly present correct and complete performance reports so that shareholders are kept abreast of all the latest developments. We pay dividend regularly and avoid any conflict of interests.


We intend to establish brand loyalty and ensure customer’s satisfaction. Through innovation, we constantly add value to our products and services to meet the requirements of customers of all age groups. We have many salesclerks in leading shops and department stores nationwide; they are happy to send customers’ feedback and complaints to us, and we always treat all customers’ complaints fairly.


Employees are valuable resources and the key to the success of the organization. We provide training to our employees to improve their knowledge and ability so that they will make achievements in their career. We offer our employees the opportunity for advancement on the basis of their potential. We also allow our employees to set directions for the Company’s operation and growth. We pay our employee fair salaries – commensurate with their knowledge, abilities, responsibilities, performance, the way they maintain good working conditions, safety to lives and properties. We take care of our employees in respect of safety and provide them with staff welfare such as;

  • First Aid room
  • Annual medical checkup
  • Special price product to relieve employee cost of living
  • Uniforms
  • Provident Fund
  • Emergency loan for employee in low rate interest
  • Training and conference both on-site and off-site for employee development
  • Sending employee to inspect domestic and aboard

Trading Partners and/ or Creditors

The Company gives importance to business partners or creditors who are important to the production cost of the Company. The Company has set the criteria for selecting and evaluating vendors as well in order to ensure that the seller has ability to respond to the quality requirements of the Company and the customer, different product materials and including the assessment of the seller as follows.

The criteria for selection of raw materials and general product materials are as follows.

  1. Delivery time
  2. Price of the product
  3. Minimum order quantity
  4. System for checking each product according to the specified standard.
  5. Payment terms
  6. Production period
  7. Production capacity
  8. Delivery frequency

The criteria for selection for raw material, which is used in production, and the employment of equipment, which is used in production\are as follows.

  1. Product quality
  2. Time to solve problems
  3. The amount sent regards to the purchase order
  4. Deliver the goods at the specified time.
  5. Payment terms
  6. Document delivery system (only for overseas sellers), which the Company has provided a form to select the seller and arrange for a seller assessment at least 2 times a year.

The Company will maintain and comply with various trade agreement terms with partners and strictly creditors, and not calling or accepting property or any other benefit that is dishonest in the trade. The Company will create a good relationship and understanding including exchanging knowledge and jointly developing products and services to add value to products and services. If in the case of non-compliance with the agreed conditions, the Company will inform the creditors in advance in order to find ways to consider further solutions.

The company has a policy to recommend customers to join the Anti-Corruption project. persuaded business partners to attend the meeting and listen to details about the CAC FOR SME project.

Society and Environment

The Company operates its business with regards to the impact on natural resources and the environment, consciousness cultivation, responsibility to the community and society in the Company continuously. This includes supporting activities that are beneficial to the community and major society. The Company does not take any action or to support illegal actions or to cause harm to the country and / or to society and national security by setting policies and activities that relate to social.


The company complies with the rules of fair competition. It does not seek confidential information of competitors through inappropriate methods, or that of against any law. There are guidelines for the following practices

  1. Conducting within the framework of good competition.
  2. Not trying to damage the reputation of competitors by accusing them without the truth
  3. Not seeking confidential information of competitors with dishonest or inappropriate methods such as paying stipend to employees of competitors.
  4. Supporting and promoting free Fair trade, not monopolization or requiring customers of the company to trade with the company only
  5. Supporting cooperation with competitors that are beneficial to consumers, not for monopolization of revenue allocation and market share, reducing product and service quality, setting prices for product and service which will cause a negative effect on consumers as a whole.

Non-infringement of intellectual property or copyright.

The company has policies and practices relating to any infringement of intellectual property rights. The directors, management, employees of the Company, and all its subsidiaries operate under the Code of Conduct on the subject of intellectual property or copyright. By protecting the intellectual property of the company not to be violated, and avoid infringing the intellectual property of others.

The anti-corruption and bribery for business

The Board has policy to fight against corruption. The company has signed a commitment in the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption. Along with the Directors, executives and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries are all performed in accordance with the fight against corruption. The policy focused on raising awareness for employees and executives at all levels of the negative effect of corruption include creating good values to develop an accurate and transparent monitoring effectively without causing a risk of damage to the business. The company also set policies relating to fraud against corrupt clearly in order to prevent such problems and operating according to the relevant laws and regulations. The company has set its managing director, employees, and subsidiaries to comply with all Anti-corruption policies as follows.

  • Emphasis on cultivating the consciousness of employees and managers at all levels. Aware of the consequences of corruption, including creating good values to organizational development, fidelity must be transparent, and can be monitored efficiently.
  • Determine to company directors and employees to follow the policy against corruption without getting involved with the corruption, whether directly or indirectly. For the benefit of the company towards themselves, family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Create a system of internal controls to prevent fraud. That will result in transparency and good corporate governance, occurs as the concrete and can be checked.
  • The Company has taken steps to protect the complainant that complaints will be stored as the confidential. And safety of the complainant is significant. He/she will be protected from unfair practices.
  • Corruption is the abuse of the company's business which must be punished by regulations of the company and also the common law if the action is illegal.
  • The company is aware of the importance of communication and public relations in order to build knowledge and understanding of the Board of Directors and employees, as well as those who are involved with the company in accordance with the policy against corruption.

However, policies, practices, including the creation of internal control system are to prevent corruption. It will result in transparency, good corporate governance, concrete practice, and able to be inspected .From such of standard is to fight against corruption includes finding appropriate solution. The channel a report or complaint to the Audit Department of the company, and independent director of the company by the company has published such policies on the company's website

Occupational health and safety

The Company has policies and guidelines on health, safety and working environment by providing health checks for employees have the right to medical expenses Including basic medicine equipment for employees and adequate and appropriate welfare It also provides a safe and hygienic working environment and has controls to reduce the risk of accidents and health which may occur in the workplace, having to check light, color, sound, dust, smoke in the workplace and provide equipment in defense and have regular training.

The Company has channels for stakeholders, which can send suggestions, comments or questions including complaints to the Company via the Company’s secretary. E-mail address: or investor relations department E-mail address: Telephone: 02-4229400 Postal address: Sabina Public Company Limited 12 Arun-amarin Rd., Arun-amarin, Bangkoknoi, Bangkok 10700.

In the case of an important issues or subjects that may cause damage to the Company, the secretary will present the matter to the board of directors of the Company.

The Company has provided measures to report clues, complaints, wrongdoing, ethics, or behavior that may cause corruption or misconduct from the personnel in the Company both from employees, related persons, and stakeholders. Complaints and suggestions can be reported via the internal audit department, which serves as a complaint agency and the following suggestions.

Process when receiving complaints

The Company provides opportunities for employees and stakeholders to have channels to report clues and complaints as guidelines to develop and sustain the organization as follows.

  • Complaint recipients gather facts that related to violations or not complying following the Company's anti-corruption policy.
  • Complaint recipients report the facts to the independent directors to investigate the facts to consider the complaint by identifying matters related to anti-corruption policies, dividing into political support, financial support and donations for charity, and receiving gifts, property or other benefits.
  • Action measures by the recipients of the complaint presented to the Anti-Corruption Committee to investigate the facts and to set measures to act to suspend violations or non-compliance with anti-corruption policies.
  • The recipient of the complaint is responsible for reporting the investigation result to the complainant. If the complainant discloses himself in the case that is important. The recipient of the complaint reports the investigation result to the Chairman, and / or the Board of Directors to acknowledge.
  • If the accused acting in real corruption is considered a violation of anti-corruption policy, he/she must be considered disciplinary punishment according to the Company's regulations. In case of violating the law, he/she must continue to receive legal penalties.

Channels for reporting complaints

  • Internal Audit Department via e-mail :
  • Internal Audit Department via phone : 02-422-9400 dial 9309, 9404
  • Internal Audit Department via mail : Internal Audit Department via phone
  • Or report directly through the audit committee
    Mail: Sabina Public Company (Limited)
    12 Arun Amarin Road Kwang Arun Amarin
    Ket Bangkoknoi Bangkok 10700

The general complaint will be collected by the secretary of the audit committee to report to the audit committee directly and the company will take further steps.

Protection of complainants

  • Complainants can choose not to reveal themselves for security reasons/ However, if the complainants choose to reveal his/her identity, the company can report progress and explain facts to the complainant.
  • The recipients of the complaint must confidentially keep the information and prioritize the safety of the complainant. By providing protection for the complainant and / or the person who provide the information and / or data verification cooperation, they will be protected from unfair practices, such as changing job positions, job characteristics, workplaces, work orders, intimidation, interference with employment, termination due to the cause of complaint, etc. General information will be kept confidentially only to the Chairman of the Executive Committee and / or the Audit Committee and to be confidentially and directly kept by the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

In addition, the company provides channels for clues reporting or complaints for any related personnel to file a complaint in the event of a violation of the law and the code of ethics of senior management. The violation of the company's business ethics includes violation of rights and the behavior that implies corruption and inequality, via the following channels

Mail: : Chairman of the Executive Committee or Chairman of the Audit Committee
Sabina Public Company (Limited)
12 Arun Amarin Road Kwang Arun Amarin Ket Bangkoknoi Bangkok 10700

The general complaint information will be confidentially kept only to the Chairman of the Executive Committee and / or the Audit Committee. The company will not disclose the information of the whistleblowers and treat them fairly. As for the misconduct of top management, the complaint will be collected directly by the audit committee and the company will take further steps.

  1. Information disclosure

    The company has revealed important information of various related companies, accurately and timely in the annual report including explanation and analysis of the management of various news through the website and the securities market the company's website Thai and English.

  2. The preparation of the financial report

    To show the responsibility to prepare financial statements that are required to be sufficient transparency to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the company's consolidated financial statements and the financial information that appears in the annual report has been prepared in accordance with accounting standards generally accepted. By using the appropriate accounting policies and practices on a regular basis, as well as the disclosure of important information in notes to the financial statements, the assembly had considered and reasonable prudence in preparing financial statements by the Board of Directors have been appointed to the Audit Committee, which is comprised of independent directors to act responsible about the quality of the financial reporting and internal control systems.

  3. The company has announced a policy, regulatory affairs, and ethic in business, company's directors, executives, and employees. Written and published through the company website.
  4. The company's Board of Directors has established a social and the environment responsibility policy by promoting and supporting the execution of policy consistently and regularly.
  5. The company has to disclose the transaction. The company abides by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission and discloses details of transactions, individuals who are making transactions, relationship of terms / policies between price and value.
  6. The company has a policy that directors of the company must be reported to the buy-sell shares/securities holdings of the company to be informed by the Board of Directors at all times.
  7. The Company has a policy for the Board of Directors to report the interest of the directors, and the executives must report to the Company every time when having their own interests and related persons within three months from the date of appointment or the date of change.
  8. Remuneration of Directors and executives

    The remuneration of the Board of Directors is clearly transparent by comparison with the company in the same industry to be able to attract and retain directors who are knowledgeable. Remuneration of Directors is also proposed for approval by the shareholders' meeting every year.

    For the executives' remuneration is in accordance with the principles and policies set by the Board of Directors which linked to the performance of the company and the performance of individual persons.

  9. Investor Relations

    Board of Directors give priority on the disclosure of information, both financial and non-financial information that is adequate, transparent, timely and thorough with the Company's disclosure information, news to shareholders, investors and those involved have been informed via the company's website. so shareholders can access information easily and quickly, such as the nature of business financial statements, shareholding structure, organizational structure, annual invitation to AGM, and other necessary information.

    In addition, the company has been established the Investor Relations department to provide data and information activities of the company with investors, shareholders, analysts, and the general public which manage by Investor Relations via email or phone call. 0-2422-9400.

Board of Directors is committed to operating the company to progress, and stable growth for the best returns to shareholders. Board of Directors performs with the knowledge and ability in the duties and responsibilities, and caution in the management of the company which abiding by the laws and rules of conduct that is good about the business, and ensure compliance with the objectives and targets set out for the interest of its shareholders and stakeholders all parties.

Board of Directors assigned the Executive Committee representing the vision, mission, policies and budgets to the Board of Directors for approval and guidance to the Board of Directors to supervise, monitor and evaluate performance to meet the target, and add value and wealth to the Company and shareholders. At the same time, take into consideration the interests of all stakeholders and the company's Board of Directors has considered, approved, and reviewing the company's mission, vision, and Regularly for approval and monitoring, management plans, agreeing to comply with the direction, placing it on a regular basis.

The board has monitored the implementation of the company's strategy. In every quarter of the Board of Directors' meeting, the Board monitors the performance of the management by specifying a report on the results of operations and results of the company, especially in terms of financial goals and plans in order to be in accordance with the strategy set out.

The company's Board of Directors has considered defining roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the company's Board of committee and the management of the company have clearly separate both the structure and compliance officer. Both sides are working together on this power of Attorney specifying the scope of executive power level is defined and the operation each aspect clearly.

In order to fulfill the duties of the Board of Committees to succeed with the purpose and scope of the powers, duties, and responsibilities that have been assigned the company arranges orientation for new directors by the company to prepare and submit information that is beneficial to the new Committee the duties such as funding structure, shareholder structure, brief biography, list of Board of Directors and senior management, nature of business and past performance. They will be encouraged to training, knowledge of the company’s corporate governance, the preparation of a summary overview of the business, and past performance, as well as the policies and regulations of the company, therefore the new Committee would have understanding for best practices with handbook for directors of listed companies to guide operations.

We comply with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Securities Exchange of Thailand. The Board of Directors follows clear guidelines on how to deal with conflict of interests carefully and reasonably.

Before making any transactions that involve conflict of interests, we will disclose to the Meeting of Shareholders the values of transactions, the names of the parties under the contracts and the reasons that make such transactions necessary. The disclosure shall be transparent and its validity can be proved. If any transaction shall receive the approval from the Board of Directors, and/or the shareholders’ meeting, the transaction must receive the consideration of screening from the Audit Committee which will provide the opinion toward the transaction.

When the Board of Directors provides different opinion from the opinion of the Audit Committee, the Company shall disclose the said different opinions. In addition, when a Director has a conflict of interest in any agenda, the Director shall be abstained from voting right of the agenda which follows the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Moreover, the Company has stipulated the principles for the Company’s Directors, Executives, and related persons to report their conflicts of interest or related persons’ conflicts of interest concerning the management of the Company and its subsidiaries. The report shall be included in the meeting agenda of the quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors as stipulated by the regulation of the connected transaction.

The company has disclosed a transaction with persons who may have a conflict in the year 2021 including the Board of Directors gave the opinion that all the transactions between the reasonable and beneficial to the business of the Company, pursuant to the Stock Exchange Commission regulations.

In addition, the Company has a policy that prohibiting the management and staff to trade securities of the Company during the 7 days prior to the public disclosure of financial statements which is considered as a disciplinary offense under the regulations of the company. If such of acts are for personal benefit within their intention before revealed to the public. There has to refrain from trading securities or wait for the investors receive information after the date it was published at least 24 hours, but if the data is very complicated is 48 hours waiting after it is published, also the director and the management of the Company's securities are traded, must notify the Securities and Exchange Commission, The Stock Exchange of Thailand and the company to acknowledge every time.

The company has a policy for directors and senior management to inform the Board of Directors about their own stock trading for at least one day in advance before trading.

The Board of Directors has also determined that there have been reports of securities holdings of Directors and Executive Directors, including the legitimate family of a Board of Directors. Including a duty to report holdings of securities and securities holdings changes to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

The Company is committed to conducting business by adhering to the principles of honesty, transparency, fairness and in accordance with the law. In order to increase confidence among shareholders, customers, business partners, competitors, employees and the society as a whole, the Company will control and monitor the use of personal interests and related parties by using internal information that has not been disclosed or that is confidential to be used or disclosed to a third party or any action that causes a conflict of interest.

In addition, the Company has also prepared a business ethics manual, and written practices and communicate to all directors, executives and employees to acknowledge and strictly adheres to and strictly complies with the regular follow-up of the manual.

The company has periodically tested all employees on the rules and operations, as well as Human Resource Policy Testing, through the company's internet systems to ensure that all employees have the knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations and are able to appropriately perform their duties. The result evaluates the level of knowledge and understanding of employees in order to improve communication for employees to have a thorough understanding and be aware of their duties in promoting good corporate governance of the organization. The company has improved and developed the test to comply with the ever-changing laws and regulations. It also requires the test taker who does not reach the specified criteria to study for additional knowledge and retake tests until passing the criteria. In addition to requiring current employees to take tests as part of their performance indicators, all employees who work during the year are also required to do the test in addition to attending the orientation. The test results are considered as part of an employee's performance in an Annual performance evaluation.

The Company has published the Code of Business Ethics on the Company's website under the heading "Corporate Governance".

The structure of the Board of Directors on December 31, 2021 consists of 4 Executive Directors.

Director who meets the definition "Independent directors" of the Board of Directors of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. 5 Persons served as member of the Audit Committee of the company 4 persons.

At every annual general meeting, directors retire 1 of 3 which are or close to 1 of 3 of the company’s regulations. When directors have reached an agenda, they might be elected next term.

The Company has segregated authority and authority by approving and the operation of the Company clearly according to the types of transaction by dividing into categories according to the line of work, including production units, accounting and finance departments, Human Resource unit, Sales agencies in the country and abroad, and others, which have been included in the authority approval and operation regulations No. 1/2006 dated 1 September 2006.

The Board of Directors is aware of the benefits of business operations and therefore has specified the diversity of the Board and is seen as one factor in increasing the efficiency of business operations, decisions and the work of the board.

However, the diversity is not just limited to gender, but also age, educational background, professional experience, skills and knowledge. Therefore, the selection and appointment of the Company's directors will be based on knowledge, capability, and the selection criteria that have been considered for the benefits of diversity.

Authority of the Chairman and Managing Director

The Board has the duties and responsibilities for the Chairman and the Managing Director who authorized to carry a variety of companies which can be summarized as follows.

Duties and responsibilities of the Chairman

The Chairman of the company is responsible for the policy and administrative management, tracking business plan and operation, advice and assist but do not participate and interfere with the normal operations of the day. In addition, the Chairman of the company must have the leadership by not influenced by the administration and managing departments. The Chairman holds the president position the meeting of the Board of Directors meeting and shareholders’ fairness, support and encourages attendees to use rights and compliance with corporate governance principles strictly and efficiently.

By defining the composition, size and structure of the Board of Directors of the company to induce a balance between Executive Directors and independent directors.

Arrange the participation of Executive Directors, Non-executive directors, and independent directors on the activities and processes of the Board of Directors for decision.

Provide assessment and develop a portfolio of the company’s Board of Directors on a regular basis and look forward to collaborating directors and directors’ performance.

Duties and responsibilities of Managing Director

The Managing Director is responsible for routine administration in order to meet the objective complied with regulations policy statements, resolutions of the Board of Directors, and/or resolutions of the Board of Directors and/or the shareholders’ meeting resolutions.

  1. To provide preparation of business policy, business plan and budget for presentation to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval, and is obliged to report the progress of the business plan, the approved budget as approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with the defined period.
  2. Manage the company’s business operations in order to comply with the company's business policy. Business plans and budgets to achieve the financial goals that were approved by the Board of Directors.
  3. Set resource allocation target for operation to comply with the management policy. Ensuring that the overall business growth of the company under the objectives and business plan.
  4. Set review and strengthen the Organization's standards, there is a pure competition, which is something that is essential to the competitiveness and to create value for organizations with the ongoing work with personnel and products.
  5. Provide analysis of the current situation and circumstances that might occur in an industrial worldwide to forecast future changes within the industry and change the company's strategy.
  6. Consider and approve the appointment of packing withdrawal Migration to consider disciplinary measures, credit, as well as remuneration and employee benefits. Provide a standard assessment of the employee's job performance and review it regularly, such measures must not conflict with the powers of the Executive Committee.
  7. Issue regulations on the company’s without conflict with policy regulations from statements and resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  8. Approve of the company’s common finances activities.
  9. The competent authority and/or assigned to another person in a premises specifically as empowerment agent and/or assigned to another person shall be governed by the extent of the power and/or under the regulations or instructions received from the Board of Directors of the company. Assigned person might not perform in case of approved materials that may have a conflict of interest (according to the definition of the publishing Committee for the Securities and Exchange Commission or the capital market supervisory board) by there is stake on or may be benefited in either a format, or there may be a conflict of interest with the company or its subsidiaries, unless it complies with policies and guidelines that have been approved by the general meeting of shareholders or the Board of Directors.

For the directors to fully devote time and effort to perform their duties, Board of Directors has established a limited number of companies that each director be appointed as follows.

  1. The company's Board of Directors has set the policy to the Director of another listed company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company no more than 2.
  2. The Board of Directors of the company directors has policy allowed person to be Director in other listed companies no more than 5 companies but does not define as Director in a company that is not registered.
  3. In case of any member of the Company required to be directors of other companies more than 5 places shall inform of the reason and to perform such duties in the Annual Information Form (56-1) and annual reports (Form. 56-2).

So far there is no record of the company’s Board of Directors held the director for more than 5 listed companies.

Our Directors are remunerated on a transparent basis as compared with those in other companies within the same industry. This policy is adopted to keep the Directors with knowledge and ability. The remuneration to Directors in proposed to the Meeting of Shareholders for approval every year.

The remuneration to Executives complies with the principle and policy adopted by the Board of Directors, subject to the company performance and the achievements of each Executive.

The Board of Directors has set a minimum meeting of not less than 6 times a year and may have additional special meeting as necessary. The meeting schedule has been set in advance annually and the meeting agenda has been clearly defined and submitted to the Board of Directors before the meeting date in advance sufficiently to allow the Board of Directors not less than 7 working days and to allow the Board to have time considering sufficient information.

In the meetings, the Chairman of the Board of Directors allowing all directors to freely express their opinions and in the meeting, it is to invite the relevant executives to attend the meeting to identify information or provide additional information as a person directly related to the problem in order to make decisions of the Board of Directors. In addition, there is a written record of the meeting, and storing certified minutes from the Board of Directors systematically which can be checked and referenced at any time. Moreover, in voting for each agenda of the Board of Directors' meeting, there must be no less than two-thirds of all directors.

The company has conducted an annual performance review of the Board of Directors which divided into both evaluation of a whole and individual type. This is the assessment of the Board of Directors and the Board of subsidiaries which have the same guidelines and are consistent with model of the self-assessment of the Securities Commission, including the reviewing to keep assessment appropriate from time to time.

The company has an evaluation process of the Directors which the Secretary would send to the Directors to assess and evaluate and returned to the Company. The Company will not disclose the names of the directors for independently assessments. Then, its evaluation is presented to the Board of Directors and its committees to integrate, evaluate, and determine ways to improve the performance of the Director’s.

  1. The company encourages and facilitates training and education as part of its Board of Directors, the management, and all employees to improve working performance continuously.
  2. For the new directors, the company arranges orientation by related directors will present information such as shareholder structure, organization structure, nature of business and operations, financial data, subsidiaries data, meetings data, the Board of Directors data, and other related data.
  3. The Company encourages directors to attend the related training courses or seminars which organized.
  4. The Company provides Succession Plan for the key position which is the part of the strategic plan to benefited successors and be guidelines for the development of executives as planned. Including the case that Managing Director or the Director is unable to perform duties so it will be standby person to support in emergency.

The Board of Directors attach importance to internal control; therefore, they have adopted the internal control system that covers management, finances and operation to ensure efficiency, subject to the law and regulations on independence that audit can be conducted because there are checks and balances. The internal control system shall be improved constantly.

The Board of Directors has established an internal audit unit, which monitors the internal control and risk management by defining the internal audit unit which report directly to the Audit Committee on a quarterly basis. The Audit Committee will be responsible for reviewing the Company and have adequate internal control compliance.

Board of Directors give priority on the disclosure of information, both financial and non-financial information that is adequate, transparent, timely and thorough with the Company's disclosure information, news to shareholders, investors and those involved have been informed via the company's website. so shareholders can access information easily and quickly, such as the nature of business financial statements, shareholding structure, organizational structure, annual invitation to AGM, and other necessary information.

In addition, the company has been established the Investor Relations department to provide data and information activities of the company with investors, shareholders, analysts, and the general public which manage by Investor Relations department via email : or phone call. 0-2422-9400.

Download Documents

Corporate Governance Policy
Sewing Cup Sewing Heart เย็บเต้ารวมใจ สู้ภัยมะเร็ง
Shareholder Engagement Policy (Thai version)
Emergency Response Plan: ERP (Thai version)
Personal Data Protection Act (Thai version)
Corporate Governance Report
Supplier Code of Conduct
นโยบายการกำหนด Credit term สำหรับคู่ค้า
Human Rights policy (Thai version)
Quality policy (Thai version)
Risk Management Policy (Thai version)
Tax policy (Thai version)
Ethics and Business Code of Conduct
Company Affidavit (Thai version)
Articles of Associations


Charter of Nomination and Remuneration Committee (Thai version)
Charter of Risk Policy Executive Committee (Thai version)
Board of Directors Charter
Audit Committee Charter