Right of Shareholder

The shareholding structure shall be clear and fair. The board of directors, executives and major shareholders shall not have conflicts of interest.
The management shall protect investors’ rights and treat shareholders equally.

Every shareholders have rights and equity as follows.

  1. The right to acknowledging the information about operating performance and business policy, both regularly and in a timely manner through
    the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Company's website at www.sabina.co.th
  2. The right to receive the share certificates, transferring shares, and receive profit sharing.
  3. The right to propose the agenda and a person to be nominated as Director. The company has made the rules in the proposal as published on its website at www.sabina.co.th and through the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  4. The right to send questions to ask various issues of agenda presented in general meeting of shareholders in advance. By able to send questions in advance to the Secretary of the company E-mail: vaja@sabina.co.th Fax: 02-4345911 and published of such rights on the web site of the company at the www.sabina.co.th
  5. The right to attend the shareholders’ meeting by the company shall provide the shareholders ' meeting once a year, the company will provide agendas with supporting data sheet with sufficient information to shareholders in advance so that shareholders can consider in advance to attend.
  6. The company has a policy to promote and facilitate shareholders, so that shareholders and institutional investors could join the meeting by the shareholders ' meeting places can be reached easily and sufficient convenient mass transit system has access.
  7. The company also added channels to publish invitation to shareholders ' meeting, documentation for the agenda of the shareholders ' meeting,
    as well as the form of authorization, and any other information required by both Thai and English languages in advance on the website of the company www.sabina.co.th before sending it to the shareholders in order to decide about the exercise of right to vote and publishing a report to shareholders via the company's website.
  8. To represent the treatment of their rights, the shareholders can proxies to another person or the independent director of the company to vote for if shareholders could not attend by him/her.
  9. The company facilitates all shareholders equally by providing details on the conference, including how the votes of the shareholders to vote on each item in accordance with the Company’s regulation, and opportunity for all attendees to ask. Comment recommendations on each item and a summary of the resolution of the vote in every election.
  10. The company provided the published proceedings through the company's website. So the shareholders can be checked without waiting for the next meeting.
  11. The right to be treated equally in acquiring shares by the company.

Meeting of shareholders

The Board of Directors attaches importance to the Meeting of Shareholders. The Company holds a Meeting of Shareholders once a year. The Directors who are not engaged in other important business should attend every Meeting of Shareholders. We send invitation to attend meeting, items on the agenda, proxy form and other relevant information to shareholders at least 7 days before the meeting so that they can prepare themselves to vote. Any shareholder may appoint an Independent Director or any other person as his proxy to attend the meeting and vote for and on his behalf.

  1. The company has the policy to support or promote any particular shareholders, including institutional shareholders to participate in general meeting of shareholders.
  2. The company provided the website to offer news and information such as quarterly financial report for the year, the Annual Registration Statement (Form 56-1) and the Annual Report (Form 56-2.). As well as the invitation to the general meeting of shareholders, which contains the date and time that the agenda. Supporting the decision for each agenda item The rules that are used in meetings and procedure pronunciation completely, which is the same data that is delivered to shareholders in paper format by publishing information via the company's Web site at least 30 days before the meeting to allow shareholders to have sufficient time to study the information.
  3. The company held a shareholders' meeting by facilitating a meeting place in terms of located in the city center, easy access and provide sufficient time to conduct the meeting.
  4. The company open up opportunities and grant shareholders to propose the agenda of the shareholder’s meeting on matters that are important and believe that the proposed list of candidates qualified for appointment as the new Director of advance. By clearly defined operating through the company's website.
  5. The company gives the rights of shareholders to submit questions on the agenda at least 1 month before the meeting via the Company's website.
  6. The company encourages shareholders to use the proxy form format that shareholders can assign directions to vote and nominate independent directors at least 1 person as an alternative to shareholder's proxy.
  7. The company is entitled to shareholders who join after the meeting began to have the right to vote in the agenda of pending and has not voted.
  8. The company provides a representative from audit firm to count of the votes in those meetings and disclosed in the minutes of the meeting and shareholders.

In recent years, the Company did not have the stock repurchase and no agreement between shareholders that have implicitly impact the Company or other shareholders and did not discourage or created obstacles into the communication between shareholders.