Message from Chairman

Mr. Viroj Thanalongkorn

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Thai economy in 2019 did not look good, resulting from the decelerating trend in 2018. The GDP at the beginning of the year was expected to be approximately 3.8 % but ended up at 2.4%. The first half of 2019 saw a rather promising growth of the Thai economy; however, second half of the year saw a decline in agricultural prices, drought, and heavy rain at the end of the year, causing floods in the north and northeast regions.

Despite the recession, due to the expansion of distribution channels customized for the current buying habits of consumers, Sabina Public Company Limited was able to perform well in 2019, in which its sales revenue had increased by 6.2 percent, resulting in total sales revenue of 3,295 million baht, which was higher than the previous year's sales revenue of 3,103 million baht, resulting in a 14.3% higher profit than the previous year and net profit of 413 million baht, which was higher than the previous year's net profit of 51 million baht. For this reason, the Board of Directors has resolved to pay dividends of 1.19 baht per share. However, since the Board of Directors has passed a resolution to pay interim dividends in the amount of 0.57 baht per share, it is appropriate to propose to the general meeting of shareholders on April 23, 2020 for further dividend payment at the rate of 0.62 baht per share, which will be paid on 22 May 2020

In 2020, the company is planning to increase its sales revenue and expand its customer base by offering new distribution channels that are easily accessible, faster delivery by adjusting the inventory and shipping system to be more efficient, new innovative products to meet the needs of consumers, clear marketing communication, and the marketing budget for maximum efficiency. Exports produced under the CLMV companies' brand are likely to increase due to the reliability of the quality and the Sabina brand of the company.

In 2019, the company operated its business by abiding by the principles of good corporate governance and continuously recognizing the importance and responsibility of shareholders and interested parties of the company. In 2019, the company was evaluated by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) and placed at the level of "excellent".

In 2019, the company put a great emphasis on the importance of projects and activities based ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the philosophy of "Society Lives. People Survive. Employees and Companies live a sustainable Life", by implementing former projects and maximizing their benefits such as Breast Implant Project that is focused on breast donation to those undergoing mastectomy because of breast cancer, Zero Waste Project emphasized on usage of traditional wisdom to make products out of waste materials, and Micro Finance aimed at helping employees with large debts.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, executives, employees, the company will be dedicated to conducting its business under the principles of good governance in order to create sustainability for the organization. Thank you to all shareholders, customers, business partners, as well as all interested parties, for the trust and confidence that you have given to the company all along. Finally, we are so proud to have received the Set Award in the Out Standing Performance category for 2019 as well.