Message from Chairman

Mr. Viroj Thanalongkorn

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The overall economy in Thailand in 2018 showed improvement continuing from 2017. Especially, the first half of the year was enhanced by many factors, including government spending and competitiveness in most part of the private sectors, leading to desirable economic condition for the whole year.

Sabina Public Company Limited, too, achieved its satisfactory performance in 2018. Essentially, sales increased by 15.8% from 2,679 million baht in 2017 to 3,103 million baht in 2018 and net profit climbed by 118.5 million baht, or 49%, from net profit in 2017 to an impressive figure of 361 million baht. This was made possible by our timely channel adjustment to match with the change in customer behavior at present.

Considering the company’s remarkable performance, the Board of Directors agreed to propose to the Meeting of Shareholders to be held on April 23rd, 2019 for approval on dividend payment of 0.54 baht/ share payable on May 22nd, 2019.

In 2019, the company plans to expand its sales coverage to get more access to customers through new sales channels that are more convenient backed by efficient inventory and delivery systems. Also the company plans to add new lines of innovative merchandises that meet the customers’ need and increase the span and clarity of its marketing massages to the market. As for export of our brands, export to CLMV countries is on an upward trend due to product quality and customers’ loyalty of Sabina brand.

In 2018, the company conducted it business based on the principle of good governance, placing high value on continuous responsibility to shareholders and all stakeholders. This resulted in the company’s receiving “Excellent” from the evaluation of The Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) in 2018.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, executive, and employees, the company commits to adhere to the principle of good governance in the business conduct to create sustainability to the organization. We thank our shareholders, customers, business partners, and other stakeholders for having unbroken trust and confidence in the potential of the company.